Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winterize Your Skin And Keep It Healthy And Glowing


 •    Break out a humidifier: The skin suffers a lot of dryness in the wintertime, especially if you're living in an apartment that relies on a radiator. Sleeping with a humidifier helps your skin reabsorb some of the moisture it loses due to extreme temperature changes.

    •    Bring on the fats: The good fats, that is. Add a few slices of avocado to your salad at lunch, or add some more olive oil than usual; any way you can incorporate healthy fats into your diet is beneficial.  Those kinds of things will hydrate your skin from the inside out.

    •    Double your moisture: If you just use a serum in the Summer, add a moisturizer to the equation for extra hydration. Rita advises to reach for her Radiance creme that contains beautiful essential oils of rose, neroli, lavender, chamomile and frankincense that are ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness, dryness, rosacea and eczema which can all be brought on by winters cold weather. "It protect the skin from changing temperatures," she says.

When you know what to expect you can plan ahead and keep your skin radiant and healthy.

Using a moisturizer is key but exfoliation also plays a big role as well.  Try my Rose Polish and Deep pore treatment once a week in the winter months allowing other products to penetrate for a better results.

Along with my Ghassoul clay mixed with honey and plain yogurt for a healing, hydrating mask to keep skin radiant and fresh.

Beautiful Skin Naturally!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Argan Facial Serum

Argan oil contains 7 essential fatty acids including linoleic and oleic acids, which help retain moisture in the skin in harsh weather conditions.

It is an ideal remedy for the dryness in mature or wrinkled skin caused by the reduced production of collagen and elastin.

Additionally, Argan oil's free radical-fighting abilities will help you stay younger, longer.

This oil is a great source of Vitamin A giving the skin an even tone and healthy glow. Working together with the antioxidant ferulic acid, they protect against and can even reverse UV damage caused by overexposure to sun.

 We have four different Argan serums to choose from targeting specific skin care concerns.

Lavender & Lemon
Sun-damaged skin, brown-spots, helps to lighten freckles, dry, congested, tones, acne, anti-aging skin

Lavender & Orange
Oily, dehydrated, brightens, Helps to regulate the protein production of melanin in the skin, acne, puffiness, anti-aging skin

Lavender & Geranium
Dry, rosacea, inflamed, acne, anti-aging skin
Regenerate renewing, Very moisturizing, rosacea, anti-aging skin

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Do You Have Dry or Red or Sensitive Skin Or All Three?

My Radiance anti-aging creme was created to help calm redness, moisturize dryness and be gentle on sensitive skin with bonus of anti-aging to help future lines and wrinkles and smooth out the present ones.

With natural organic alfalfa offers retinol-like action to stimulate and improve cell renewal and improve collagen.

With natures botanicals like rose, neroli, lavender, frankincense and chamomile to help address the skins many concerns of redness, dryness, rosacea, eczema and helping to reduce inflammation.

Just a drop is all that is needed to face, neck & decollete to improve skins resilience while only using the purest and most effective ingredients.

Beautiful Skin Naturally!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Benefits using All Natural Skin Care' Rose or Lavender Toners…………..

Rose Toner
Locking in moisture........
Putting moisturizer onto already damp skin allows moisture to penetrate into the skin’s layers. “Toning moistens the skin so it is properly prepared for optimal moisturiser absorption. Whatever product goes on your skin after toning is going to penetrate into the skin easier and better.” But then couldn’t we just use water? Well you could but you’d be missing out on………..

Skin benefits.........
The beneficial skincare ingredients ANSC toners contain. You could think of some toners as being like a really light serum. Our toners contain beautiful hydrating ingredients that feed the skin and some have beautiful soothing ingredients for very sensitive skin. Hydrate , soothe and repair skin with botanical extracts, aloe, flower waters and essential oils.

Argan Facial Serum

Lavender Toner

How do I use it?
You can use it as it always has been used; after cleansing and before moisturising but this isn’t the only way. I like to cleanse, tone, argan facial serum, vitamin C serum, and then a touch of radiance anti-aging creme.

You can also put it in your handbag and use throughout the day. You can spritz it over the top of makeup and it’s nice and refreshing. As a beauty therapist, I love pulling out my rose or lavender toner with all my friends and spraying it on their face. They love it!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking care of your skin from the inside out !


Flax oil pills or incorporating Flax into your diet is great way to lubricate your skin from the inside out.

Your diet REALLY effects your skin. Putting the good fats  in your diet along with root vegetables is a good start. Try Salmon and avocado, And how about radishes that cut fat in the body. Olive oil is also great internally.

Food is the biggest friend or foe. The right foods are like medicine for the body healing, detoxifying and nurturing, freeing you from disease. When you eat fresh food from the earth you will be happier, have good health, your energy level will be elevated, you will have beautiful skin and you will age much slower.

Everything in moderation remember,
The cleaner your body is on the inside the more radiant your skin is on the out side. Along with the spirit, mind and body connection you can have it all by nurturing and taking care of your self. Set aside time for you.

We have to get back to the natural organic  way of living, latest fades in diet and skin care won't help you in the long run. Being and living a cleaner healthy way of life is not hard at all, it's just common scents. Stay away from chemical laden products in foods, skin,  body and house hold products. Think fresh clean ways to change things around you.


Your reward for healthy smart living will be seen in your spirit and in your radiant skin.

Don't forget to exercise, very important, to ward off stress. Stress is the #1 killer and  is the biggest cause of aging. Stress can affect everything , the way we think, eat, live, emotions, our attitude toward the world and the people around us.
Just start to walk a couple of times a week and you will see how it will ease your body and especially your mind of worries.

We have to get back to a simpler way of living, there is no reason why we all have to have the weight of the world on our backs.


Using Beauty Leaf cleansing creme on skin that has rosacea it will sooth and calm(remove with a damp cloth).

When your skin is a little red from rosacea it means your blood is too acidic, so drink fresh lemon and water and it will help combat that by cleansing your blood.

Steam your skin for about of 5-6 minutes. Then apply a THIN layer of our moroccan clay mask to skin. To pull out toxins and absorb any impurities from the skin. Rinse well.

Apply any one of our Toners (Rose or Lavender) along with Elixir or Argan facial serums with essential oils to nourish, hydrate and bring skin back to life.

Take baby steps to a better you, rome wasn't built in a day.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rose Facial Polish & Deep Pore Facial Treatment

Look What's New at All Natural Skin Care...........

Rose Facial Polish & Deep Pore Facial Treatment

*Skin that is in need of a deep exfoliation         *Dull weathered skin  

This very special treatment when combined works effectively by creating a deep pore cleansing exfoliant treatment for the face.

Not only is it cleansing and removing dead skin cells but it will also improve the skin's appearance and make way for your skin care products to penetrate the skin on a deeper level.

Rose Facial Polish
 A purifying exfoliating treatment polish for the skin. Each ingredient was chosen for it's outstanding natural polishing powers. 

With an invigorating aroma from a natural blend of rose & ylang ylang to stimulate and soothe skin.

Deep Pore Facial Treatment
Gently lifting dead skin cells, debris and oil away from the skin to minimize pores, create smooth, clear, luminous results!

When do I use my Rose Facial Polish & Deep Pore Facial Treatment ?  1 or 2 times a week

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Eat Berries!

Berries are full of greatness for your skin and super-charged with high antioxidants, vitamin C and E. Vitamin C is a great skin restorer, it helps produce collagen, which is essential for keeping the complexion plump and smooth.

You can also delay cognitive aging for up to two and a half years by eating at least a cup of strawberries and blueberries per week. Not to mention being high in antioxidants.

It's so easy to incorporate berries into your diet; put them in your oatmeal, make a healthy shake, on top of your gluten-free pancakes, mix almond milk with chia & flaxseeds or as a snack. Get creative.

Beautiful skin starts on the inside with healthy eating and making good choices.

Beautiful Skin Naturally!

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