Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Benefits using All Natural Skin Care' Rose or Lavender Toners…………..

Rose Toner
Locking in moisture........
Putting moisturizer onto already damp skin allows moisture to penetrate into the skin’s layers. “Toning moistens the skin so it is properly prepared for optimal moisturiser absorption. Whatever product goes on your skin after toning is going to penetrate into the skin easier and better.” But then couldn’t we just use water? Well you could but you’d be missing out on………..

Skin benefits.........
The beneficial skincare ingredients ANSC toners contain. You could think of some toners as being like a really light serum. Our toners contain beautiful hydrating ingredients that feed the skin and some have beautiful soothing ingredients for very sensitive skin. Hydrate , soothe and repair skin with botanical extracts, aloe, flower waters and essential oils.

Argan Facial Serum

Lavender Toner

How do I use it?
You can use it as it always has been used; after cleansing and before moisturising but this isn’t the only way. I like to cleanse, tone, argan facial serum, vitamin C serum, and then a touch of radiance anti-aging creme.

You can also put it in your handbag and use throughout the day. You can spritz it over the top of makeup and it’s nice and refreshing. As a beauty therapist, I love pulling out my rose or lavender toner with all my friends and spraying it on their face. They love it!

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