Thursday, December 3, 2015

Secrets Of A Skin Care Specialist

There are many factors that go into a beautiful you. You know them Eat healthy fresh foods, get good sleep, exercise, reduce stress when ever possible and Use a great skin care and mineral makeup system, like mine to give you healthy glowing skin. 

But there is a great secret out there that I must share with you 'Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture'.  This is a wonderful timeless beauty technique used by the Chinese since the Sung Dynasty(960-1279AD).

This is an effective non surgical painless way to lessen the appearance of fine lines and improves circulation, stimulates collagen which in turn nourishes, re-hydrates, tones and reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles by enhancing the body's natural anti-aging powers.

Just after one treatment my skin feels firmer and elasticity was improved, it just gets better and better. While I'm there Margaret also addresses other "ailments" that might be bothering me, like sciatic pain, stress in my neck and body, restless sleep, and so on.

Even though I have been going for a while I try to do it 1 to 2x a month.  If my schedule permitted I would probably go every week!

Now this is a lifestyle that I live. If you don't prep the canvas correctly the paint on top will just look dry, cracked and old.  You must maintain a great skin care regimen and healthy lifestyle to really get the full benefits of any treatment.

Now I'm not saying I don't eat an Italian pastry, pasta and a piece of chocolate once in a while, I just do everything in moderation, so when I do splurge it's a real treat !!!!

Live life, try to make everyday a happy one !!!

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