Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stop Believing Everything You Hear!

Lack of knowledge is the biggest CON- cosmeceutical companies do to people. Making you believe that they have high-tech ingredients and equipment to be the cure all. Filled with heavy chemicals to just make things worse for your skin and body.

Stop believing everything your told. Think of your grandmother and/or relatives  how they lived years ago. They planted their own gardens and used olive oil for everything from skin care to hair care.

They worked all day walking to local grocery stores and raising children. Looking fit with rosy red cheeks and glowing smooth skin.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs is where it's at. Stay away from canned foods and fast food places. Try eating  blueberries and strawberries great antioxidants for glowing skin.

Try using  cilantro which is great for getting rid of heavy metals in the body. Because we are breathing in pollution all the time and you need to counteract that.

That's why we use100% Organic Argan oil, exotic and essential oils in our skin care. We have combined powerful combinations of oils to increase energy flow, heal, detox, moisturizing, anti-aging and so much more.

Try anyone or our Elixirs and Argan Oils with essential oils added to them, they will change the life of your skin to a smooth radiant glow.

 Beautiful Skin Naturally !

Beautiful Skin In No Time! Lavender Collection

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rita Mondolfi Skin Care Launches Rose Facial Polish

Rita Mondolfi Skin Care announcing the addition of rose facial polish,  a gentle exfoliator for all skin types. Each ingredient was chosen for it's outstanding natural polishing powers. Leaving your skin luminous, changing the life of your skin!


Rita Mondolfi Skin Care gets back to basics and uses generations of beauty secrets to create her skin care and mineral makeup line using the best natural and organic ingredients that are good for you. With amazing results to get your skin rejuvenated and glowing.

Rose facial polish was created with an invigorating aroma of natural blends of rose & ylang ylang. Gently lifting dead cells, debris and oil away from the skin to minimize pores, create smooth, clear luminous results!

It was also created in a convenient traveler size that you can throw in your bag and bring anywhere.

The benefits of using Rita Mondolfi Skin Care is tremendous, they are -chemical free-. No parabens, no dyes, no fillers, no synthetic fragrance, no chemical preservatives or any unsafe ingredients that can dry out or strip your delicate skin.

It can be purchased on line at

Check out Rita Mondolfi Skin care at:

If you sign up on their mailing list you will get discount coupons, beauty tips and much more. I highly recommend it!

Beautiful Skin Naturally!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Guess what's hot for fall…                   


I have been wearing the cat eye my whole life. I remember as a kid watching my mom get dressed to go out for a big night and and as her grand finally taking her black eye pencil, tugging her eye out to the side and creating that dramatic look.

WOW, I think we have to credit Sophia Loren for that….

Now a days I have since then changed the color from black & blue to satarra to venus to passionate purple to black and green to you never know what color you will catch me in. I love to play with color, and you can use any one.

 Wetting it and creating a liquid liner but not extending the outer line so much. I still love the drama it creates and makes my eyes stand out. You have to try this look.

Some things really never change they are just different versions of the same thing.

Beautiful skin naturally!

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Black & Blue
Passionate Purple
Black & Green
 My version of The Cat Eye