Sunday, October 20, 2013

Parabens: Watch out, Read Labels !!!

The Parabens (Ethyl Paraben, Methyl, and Propyl butyl) are widely used in skin care products (including moisturizers) as a preservative component. 

Okay so what? Read on…..

Studies indicate that these ingredients might be a cancer-causing component and interfere with the endocrine system (which influences almost every organ, cell, and function of the body), and might also cause skin rashes and allergic reactions.

The big companies that sell you makeup, skin and body care = don't want you to be educated on ingredients because they just want to sell products and keep their lavish life style. Even if it means endangering your heath with a few chemicals……

Are these big companies at the mall doing anything great for you? Are they helping you pay bills Or concerned about your life? Why support them?

Don't be fooled by them giving you a tiny-tiny sample and saying this is our gift to you. They are making billions of dollars off you and roping you in…..
Just think about……..

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Saturday, October 5, 2013


An effective skin care treatment, including improving fine lines and wrinkled skin, reducing redness and helping with hyper-pigmentation. 

Vitamin C serum is for all skin types, 

encouraging stimulation of collagen production, 
brighten skin tone, 
reduce discoloration, 
stimulates cellular renewal, 
smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles!

Making it a superlative skin rejuvenator and anti-aging serum !

With the additional ingredients of :

green tea extract, oat beta glucan and liposomes of anti-oxidant vitamins which all help in skin rejuvenation, soothes and protects, stressed, dull and weather damaged skin.

The clean, light consistency allows the valuable active ingredients to penetrate skin directly, effectively treating the needs of the skin.

*Oily skin needs moisture too. This formula is excellent as the only moisturizer for oily skin replacing heavier cremes.

It also helps as an extra hydrator and nutrient-delivery product for dryer, sensitive skin while used in addition to a moisturizing creme.

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