Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Purple The Hot Color



Enhance your eyes with this versatile color. You can go smokey with our passionate purple, plum blast or a mix of bronze & purple with our venus hue.

Try a softer look with gentle pastel colors like lilac and grape. But don't forget mixing and matching making your own personal colors is just the start of the fun.

I also want to mention the hues of color that fall in between that are pastels like  Azure & Regal, they are dashes of blues, lavender and violets that with yield to your eye color or what your wearing. Soft and sweet or wet them to create a foiled look on lids.
Sand Blast
Don't forget to add a little highlight on the brow bone or cheeks with sandblast, bermuda or twinkle.

Not to mention you can use all of my mineral eye shadows and blush on your lips, cheeks and nails!

Have fun with it.

Beautiful Skin Naturally!

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